Fadely & DeBrota Associates is no longer in business. The website address fadelydebrota.com leads to this explanatory page.

Glenna J. DeBrota and Jack L. Fadely formed a partnership in the early 1970s (Fadely & DeBrota Associates). Jack Fadely passed away in April 2020, and this partnership was then dissolved.

Glenna DeBrota began providing career and educational consultation as an internet-only business, DeBrota Career Consulting (DCC) in 2020. The website is DeBrota Career Consulting. Questions regarding DCC may be emailed to questions@gdebrota.com.

Erin K. DeBrota has been providing career and educational consultation since 2007. Her company is called Personality Science and its website is Personality Science. Questions regarding Personality Science may be emailed to erin@personalityscience.com.

DCC and Personality Science are separate businesses, which offer similar but not identical services. Please visit the websites above for details.

During the time it was in operation, Fadely & DeBrota Associates never created or maintained a website. All websites which appear to present information about the business were created without their input or authorization. Some of these sites may still be found with internet search engines, and may present misinformation.

For many years, the voice telephone number for Fadely & DeBrota Associates was (317) 872-4472. This number is no longer a way to reach either Glenna DeBrota or Erin DeBrota. The number is shown here simply to enable finding this webpage with a search engine. 3178724472.

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