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Amy DeBrota
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Caroline DeBrota
Caroline’s Portfolio
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David DeBrota
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A Peace of My Mind (blog)
The DeBrota Blog
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Eli DeBrota
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Erin DeBrota
Personality Science (career testing and advising)
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Glenna DeBrota
DeBrota Career Consulting
Fadely & DeBrota Associates
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Grace DeBrota
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Joe DeBrota
Indy Animal Care
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John DeBrota
Center for Quantum Information and Control
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Joyce Huang - violist
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Kathleen DeBrota
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Albert Liu - internal medicine
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Michael DeBrota
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Steve DeBrota
National White Collar Crime Center
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Tony (DeBrota) Trefoil
Anthony DeBrota on LinkedIn

Some DeBrotas you sadly can't find here:
John DeBrota, Sr. passed away in 1969
John DeBrota, Jr. passed away in 1981
Mary DeBrota passed away in 1999
Joseph DeBrota passed away in 2011

It's possible to find this page because a search engine sees the text below, which is basically just several misspellings of our uncommon last name:
De Brota, de Brota, de Broda, Dabrota, Dabroda, Debroda, Dobrota, Dobroda

The DeBrota name comes from 1931, and appears nowhere before that, as far as we know. Joan Dobrota, who would later be John DeBrota, Sr., was born in 1912 in Detroit, Michigan. He was a young boy when he was taken by his parents to Romania, their birthplace, where he was educated. His Aug 1930 diploma from a Romanian school shows his name as Joan Dobrota. As a US citizen by birth, in Dec 1930 he obtained a passport from the US Consulate, on which he signed his name John Dobrota. In Feb 1931 he arrived by ship in New York as John Dobrota. Family lore suggests he was convinced by someone at Ellis Island to change the spelling of his last name, possibly to sound less like someone from eastern Europe or to sound more aristocratic. On his son’s birth certificate in Nov 1932, his name is spelled John Debrota, and he went by that the rest of his life. In the 1940 and 1950 US Censuses he is listed as John Debrota, and this is also the spelling on his death certificate.

Surnames that start with the letters de often derive from a preposition such as of or from. They indicate associations with place names where persons were born or had relatives. They may indicate nobility, since nobility often came from holding land. Regardless of the common intention of de, DeBrota does not mean from Brota. A Google search does not find a place in Europe called Brota, and the DeBrota family has no known connection to Brota, India.

The letters de may sometimes be separated from the rest of a surname by a space to make the prepositional meaning even more obvious. In the case of DeBrota, there is no space, but sometimes organizations or companies choose to insert a space without being asked to do so. The Social Security card of John DeBrota, Sr. shows his name with a space as De Brota, for example.

The B in DeBrota should be capitalized. This also apparently started in 1931. Official documents such as the birth certificate of John DeBrota, Jr. and the US Census lists do not support this, however, because they often did not preserve capitalization beyond the first letter of a name. US passports show names all in block capital letters. The capital B seems to incorrectly encourage placement of a space before the B, and occasionally change of the D to lowercase, such that DeBrota becomes De Brota or de Brota. This is a challenge for some name indexing systems, because DeBrota belongs with names starting with the letter D, but de Brota and De Brota can be placed with names starting with the letter B.

John DeBrota, Sr., who changed his name, signed it with D and B capitalized, and no space before the B. His descendants have done the same.

The name Dobrota is a town in Montenegro, and Dobrota is an ancient name. Wiktionary suggests it means goodness or good meal. This site will pronounce the Dobrota name for you: Forvo. This website does not currently endeavor to help you find people with the surname Dobrota, but search engines confirm they are out there.

The second letter of DeBrota is pronounced variously with a long e sound as in tree, with a short e sound as in red, or with a schwa sound like uh... all are reasonable. By contrast, the second letter of Dobrota usually sounds like the o in go. That is also how the fifth letter of DeBrota is pronounced.

If you have read this far, you have a remarkable interest in DeBrota. Alternatively, you may just be an identity thief collecting information. If the former, say hello. If the latter, go away.

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